UNC Greensboro is relentlessly focused on helping students unleash their potential and make a meaningful impact with their lives, in our community, and around the world, every day. The Millennial Campus will be an extension of that promise, to “Find Your Way Here,” delivering a mixed-use, innovation-focused district where the University, industry partners, and the surrounding community can come together around health and the arts to create a more vibrant community, a more prosperous city, and a stronger University for our students and our region.

The UNC Greensboro Millennial Campus initiative will fuel strategic partnerships and community collaborations to create unique, meaningful academic experiences for our students; inspire new research and creative endeavors; and drive innovation, economic growth, and cultural enrichment, transforming our University and our region.

The legacy of opportunity and excellence is thriving today at UNC Greensboro. We are recognized for providing not just access to a vast array of students, but also for our tenacious commitment to student success. Through our research and creative activity, we are known and respected for addressing inequities across key domains in which significant demographic gaps remain, such as health and education. Even more, UNC Greensboro is a nationally renowned leader in closing achievement gaps, serving traditionally underrepresented groups and providing a truly transformative environment for one of the most diverse student populations in the state system.

As a public institution of the State of North Carolina, more than 90% of our students come from the state – many from central North Carolina. Even more, of our roughly 120,000 living alumni, 30,000 live within 25 miles of campus, and 80,000 live within 100 miles. As a key figure in the Triad region, we are intricately tied to our community. We share a place, a fate, and a responsibility for being an active partner in the future of both.

The Millennial Campus Districts at UNC Greensboro will build on this historic commitment to opportunity, excellence, and impact. By supporting new public-private partnerships, collaborative research projects, and community-engaged research, the Millennial Campus Districts will facilitate enhanced University-community interaction in ways that are physically, economically, and culturally interwoven with our surrounding community. UNC Greensboro’s strongly held commitment to service, community impact, and civic engagement, as well as our steadfast commitment to academic excellence, will inform development within the Districts and promote a roster of programming that prioritize hands-on learning and employment opportunities for our students. At the same time, the Districts will add value to the University, enhancing its research capacity, establishing new partnerships, and strengthening its role in driving economic development activity in the greater Greensboro community.

The UNC System’s strategic plan, Higher Expectations, calls for campuses to identify and highlight their areas of academic distinction. UNCG has identified two areas of distinction that emerge directly from our own strategic plan: Health and Wellness and Visual and Performing Arts. The Millennial Campus Districts will focus primarily on these two areas of distinction, building on our existing strengths and world-class programs in these areas.

UNC Greensboro has a storied history of providing opportunity and excellence — and creating meaningful impact — through education. From our beginnings as a college for women, we demonstrated a commitment to providing both opportunity and excellence in higher education. We built on this foundation as we became one of the first three institutions in the UNC system, then a highly diverse, co-educational university, and now a growing research university of more than 20,000 students.


Two districts on our campus, but integrated into the fabric of our community. Areas where we can partner with the private sector to create new academic experiences, fuel economic development for our region, create jobs.

Outside view of the Kaplan Wellness Center.

Health and Wellness

Located primarily along Gate City Blvd. and leveraging existing resources like the Kaplan Center to create an ecosystem of services and research activities designed to help foster healthy living.

Outside view of the Weatherspoon Art Museum.

Visual and Performing Arts

Located along Tate St. Building from the core of UNCG Auditorium, the Weatherspoon, Taylor Theatre and our unique local area businesses.

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